LGBT+ Pride in Belper

Pride in Belper


Why do we need your sponsorship support?

Once a year we put on ‘Pride in Belper’: a free, family welcoming, inclusive Pride event held in the heart of Belper, by the people of Belper.

We need support through donations and sponsorship to keep Pride in Belper a free community event that is accessible to everyone.

Without our sponsor allies, we would not be able to put on Pride in Belper this year or any year.

What do you get for your sponsorship?

Your business will have exposure to thousands of people across the weekend both digitally and face to face. Your logo will remain on our website for 12 months. You will be supporting a local LGBTQ+ event where 100% of all funds raised are ploughed back into the local LGBTQ+ community. 

For our allies in this mission, we have 3 sponsorship categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Why sponsor Pride in Belper?

Studies show that employers who recognise and support diversity are on average more productive and more profitable.

Did you know that…

• ONE IN SIXTEEN people in the UK identify themselves as LGBT+
• THREE IN FIVE LGBT+ people will engage with an organisation that is LGBT+ aware
• 60% of LGBT+ people are more likely to buy from organisations who market to the community
• 42% of heterosexuals are more likely to give their business to LGBT+ ‘friendly’ organisations

What could your sponsorship pay for?

We want you to know up front, that we are unable to make promises about specifically what your money will be spent on. But equally we want to be completely open in what we will be spending sponsorship funds on.

We need your money for…

• Stage hire
• First aid cover
• Insurance
• Road barriers
• Road closure
• Signage
• PA systems
• Radio hire
• Flags and poles
• Recycling

Pride in Belper is one of the largest regional Pride events. In 2019 we had 2,000 people joining us in the Pride Strutt, with over 5,000 people coming into Belper to join in the celebrations throughout the day. By 2022, an estimated 11,000 people attended the event. 

We had people travelling from across the UK to join in and support our local celebrations.

Have you made your decision?

Would you like to be a part of Pride in Belper? Would you like to help make this year equally as special? Really, who doesn’t want to buy amazing?

All you need to do is:

1. Decide how much you are able to sponsor us
2. Complete the attached form and email it to:
3. BACs through your sponsorship
4. Remember to email through your logo!